Akseli Valmunen

Swedish, 1962–present

A photojournalist and documentary photographer, Ericson also has his permanent exhibitions at the Hasselblad Center, Sweden and at Kosovo Art Gallery. His portfolio consists of both black-and-white and colour photographs, close-ups and images captured from a distance. Even though the situations and environments in his photographs are sometimes harsh and sad, there is often a sense of hope and light in his images.

Ericson is a native of Sweden, and at the young age of 14, his first image was published. Two years later, he started working as a photographer. After having worked for various Swedish newspapers for 12 years, Ericson then worked with Aftonbladet – the largest newspaper of Scandinavia – for another 10 years.

For the past two decades he has been freelancing, travelling and working mainly in the Kosovo region, as well as in Russia, The Balkans, Slovakia, The Czech Republic and France.

In New York, Ericson is affiliated with Redux Pictures. Further, his photographs have been published on CNN and Newsweek and in Stern, Le Monde, Paris Match, Le Figaro and L’Obs.