Ali Rajabi

Iranian, 1980–present

Based in New York, Rajabi sees the streets as an open world studio, filled with infinite photographic opportunities. Light plays an important role in his photographs, he unveils darkness and light in their symbiosis through everyday life, as in the series In The Dark of Day (2016), an on-going project that he works on since 2013. With meticulous preparation, Rajabi chooses the places he photographs beforehand so as to render the specific atmosphere he wants to communicate.

Being a lonesome walker through the city, he captures the harsh shadows that paradoxically enhance the light that often resides nearby. The coexistence between the melancholic darkness and hopeful light is hence what Rajabi intends to depict. He believes that photography is a solitary action, finding inspiration in the isolation of his work. “Even when working with a team you’re relying on your own feelings, instincts, experience, and creativity.”

He has been working consistently to create his signature series, such as The Land Of Silence, End of Days, and Rises, keeping the enigma of darkness versus light, and his free spirit to observe the world through his own vision.

Rajabi has been the recipient of several awards, of which Hasselblad Master in 2016 is one, and he has held exhibitions across the world, from the US, Germany, Sweden, Iran to Dubai.