Arvida Byström

Swedish, 1991–present

Byström is an artist based in Stockholm, her city of birth. Her interest in photography came early and as a teenager she started publishing her images on various digital platforms, laying the foundation for her aesthetic style. Byström’s work allows us to follow her exploratory thoughts on femininity, identity and gender norms through photographs, performances, sculptures and installations all inspired by the internet. Byström uses her artworks to question prevailing norms, such as the sexualisation of the body.

With 220,000 followers on Instagram, today Byström is an internationally recognised artist with a résumé that includes collaborations with several international magazines, among them i-D, Nylon and 10 Magazine. She has also both photographed and modelled in campaigns for brands such as Urban ears and Adidas.

2017 saw the publication of the book Pics or It Didn’t Happen: Images Banned from Instagram, a collection of photos censored by Instagram that she published together with artist Molly Soda.