Åsa Sjöström

Swedish, 1976–present

With a focus on human rights and vulnerable groups in society, especially women and children, Sjöström wants to show the strength and hope that vulnerable people possess and create an understanding of international solidarity. She has worked as a documentary photographer in Sweden, and started her career as a freelance photographer in 2013.

The powerful work of Sjöstöm, is a result of an artist’s sense and a documentary photographer’s drive. Using the camera, she manages to get very close to people. Three of her most extensive series so far are Silent Land, which shows of the poorest country in Europe, Moldova, where she revisited the same family for a number of years; I am a Child and Secret Camps which are a two chapter series of pictures, where Sjöström shed light on the issues of domestic and honor violence in Sweden.

Sjöström is a photographer who performs a documentary act of great seriousness and integrity. Her documentary film The Last Circus Princess depicts a matriarchate living and working united, through the struggle of daily life. Fantastic photography, Diana Rhodin’s fierce humor, flashbacks to the circus’s glory days and the last circus princess Simona the hope of the future in sometimes an almost empty tent in yet another Swedish village.