Brian Duffy

British, 1933–2010

Duffy’s career started in 1955 whilst freelance illustrating for Harper’s Bazaar. Together with David Bailey and Terence Donovan the trio redefined and chronicled the cultural zeitgeist of the era known now as the Swinging Sixties. Shooting for Vogue, French Elle, Nova, Town and numerous other glossy fashion magazines including the newly launched Sunday Times colour magazine combining fashion, celebrity and journalism.

The most memorable and significant works were created during Duffy’s eight-year photographic and creative conceptual collaborations with the chameleon-like David Bowie, included three album covers, Aladdin Sane (1973), Lodger (1979) and Scary Monsters (1980). 

During the 1970’s he continued photographing editorial assignments and shooting major award winning advertising campaigns. In 1980, Duffy made the transition into the moving image creating music videos and television commercials.

In 1980 when Duffy felt the experimental aspects of his work became exhausted, he attempted to burn all of his negatives and transparencies. Luckily, the majority of his work covering 25 years of British fashion and culture survived and were stored and remained unseen until 2007 when his son Chris Duffy began the work of establishing Duffy’s archive culminating in his debut exhibition in London, 2009.