Christian Houge

Norwegian, 1972–present

For twenty years, Norwegian artist Houge has made photographs that explore the relationship and conflict between Man and Nature. “Man’s ego, consumer society, identity, and the last remnants of pure nature are recurring elements in all my work. My photographs are often very visual, but at the same time disquieting and uneasy. An underlying feeling of that which is lost often plays an important role.” Houge intends to make work which “emanates cognitive dissonance in the viewer to reveal deeper truths.”

Houge has exhibited extensively in galleries and museums in his native Norway as well as in the United States, England, France, Sweden and China. His work has twice been nominated for the Prix Pictet, the global award for photography and sustainability, and his Arctic Technology series was shortlisted in 2005 for the BMW Prize at Paris Photo. In 2015, his Paradise Lost project was shown in three Chinese cities, including the Three Shadows Photography Art Centre in Beijing. Residence of Impermanence, which explores our disconnected relationship with nature, has been shown at three museums in 2019. 

Houge’s deepest recurring theme is man’s action and position in the environment upon which humanity depends. “When I direct the camera outwards, I also turn it inwards and discover myself in a ways not expect. Through my work I wish to challenge others to look into themselves and their relation to a bigger picture.”