Christian Tagliavini

Italian-Swiss, 1971–present

Tagliavini grew up in Italy and Switzerland. His artistic development as a technical and graphic designer shaped his complex relationship with photographic art. His artworks are designed narratives for which he invents components himself: Ranging from the interior to the dresses, hats and tiniest ornaments. He considers himself a photographic craftsman using ancient and modern technologies.

Tagliavini’s passion for art-historical references is extended to another level by breaking the boundaries of imagination: Fantastical creations become visible in unique, self-made objects. Moreover, the thoroughly application of colors, light and forms establish his value of artistic recognition in the art world.

His highly-praised series have been part of numerous international exhibitions and art fairs and are part of prestigious private, public, and corporate collections. In 2018 his monograph was published by teNeues.