Corinne Day

British, 1962–2010

Day’s influence on the style and perception of photography in the early 1990s and onward has been immense. Her first published work, that put her on the radar immediately was an editorial titled the 3rd Summer of Love for The Face magazine in 1990, featuring a 15-year old Kate Moss on a beach, captured in black and white 35mm film. 

Self taught, Day brought a more documentary look to fashion imagery, in which she often included autobiographical elements. Day was known for forming long and close relationships with her muses, which resulted in candid and intimate portraits. Her approach to fashion photography came to be known as “grunge” which grew into an international style.

Day’s work has been published in British, French, Italian, and Japanese Vogue, in i-D, Dazed & Confused, Raygun, Interview, and Dutch, among others. In 2000 Day published her first book Diary, a very private collection of photographs documenting young lives with uncompromising honesty.