Håkan Elofsson

Swedish, 1955–present

Elofsson began taking photos to have an alibi, daring to be more curious and exploring the present moment. He is continuously searching for gaps in the everyday life, gaps that he can freeze that stir emotions. Preferably in a way that even he himself doesn’t really understand. Elofsson believes that the viewer should feel a good picture – though the viewer doesn’t have to fully understand it.

According to Elofsson, when photography is at its best, it is like dancing: Everything is movement and emotion. The intellect is disconnected and the tentacles are connected. “I love the feeling when I grab the camera and stop watching and start seeing.”

Elofsson has worked as a photographer since 1979, held lectures and workshops at photo educations in Sweden and abroad, and has been the Program and Course Director at Berghs School of Communication, for ten years.

Books produced by Elofsson include Bombay Boulevard and Dance me. His exhibitions have been shown in museums, galleries and festivals globally, including Fotografiska, Arles, Houston Photo Festival, Athens, Beijing, Ulan Bator, Galleri Camera Obscura.