Helena Blomqvist

Swedish, 1975–present

The art of Blomqvist is singular. Her pictorial stories are imaginative, shimmering constructions, unrestricted. She builds her own world, using models and props, into tiny scenographies, piece by piece with minute details for her photographs. In her image suites, events and incidents intertwine into a story, where each photograph is like a scene in a film.

Blomqvist works intuitively, weaving imagery from art history, books, movies and fairytales into intricate and subjective stories that are uniquely her own. The images develop sensations of events taking place a long time ago but with a connection with present times. The main characters in her fantastical photographs are unlikely characters who interact in a comedy or tragedy, a philosophical reflection of human living conditions.

Blomqvist’s work has been widely exhibited with image suites such as First Women on the Moon (2002), The Dark Planet (2004), The Last Golden Frog (2008), The Elephant Girl (2011), Slumberland (2013), Florentine (2016), and The Great Silence (2019).