Kirsty Mitchell

British, 1974–present

Mitchell is an award-winning fine art photographer from Surrey, England. Between 2009 and 2014 she created a deeply personal photographic series entitled Wonderland, dedicated to her mother Maureen, an English teacher, who passed away from a brain tumor in 2008. Inspired by her mother’s passion for literature and the fairy tales they shared, Mitchell embarked on a journey of self healing through the lens; describing photography as becoming both an obsession and a way to process the overwhelming grief she experienced in the years that followed.

Mitchell drew on her past careers in fashion design and costume making, to produce images of beguiling dream-like worlds. She would spend months meticulously handcrafting her character’s costumes and props to compose and then photograph in all weathers, out in the ancient woodlands that surrounded her home.

In September 2015 the artist’s five-year journey culminated in the extraordinary book Wonderland, documenting all seventy-four photographs in the collection; as well as containing her highly emotional journal written throughout its creation. To this day, it remains the most successful photography book in crowdfunding history, connecting thousands of followers all over the world who have been moved by its story.