Lu Kowski

Greek-Swedish, 1986–present

Kowski’s approach to photography is based on honesty and presence, which result in rather private and introverted images. What catches the viewers in her black-and-white photographs, is a thought-provoking world of photographs that are unbound by gravity or concepts of right or wrong. She challenges herself and the viewers with her deliberately contrast-rich and obtrusive work.

Kowski was born in Umeå but grew up in Athens, where she lived with her Greek mother. She later studied both at Kulturama in Sweden, and at the Leica Academy in Athens. Her imagery developed further by studying under the French Magnum photographer, Antoine D’Agata.

In 2013, she moved back to Stockholm, and began to publish her photographs on social media, where she was discovered by Jan Broman, the founder of Fotografiska. The following year, she had her first solo exhibition at Fotografiska, which ran for four months.