Martin Bogren

Swedish, 1967–present

Bogren works in the tradition of classic street photography, which in his case is street photography with a personal, documentary approach. In reality it means long walks from early morning to late at night. Constantly walking and searching, hopefully in a flow, that indescribable feeling which is so hard to put into words, the experience of abandoning oneself to something – something which, at that particular moment, is everything.

“We are our history and the camera is a fantastic tool for approaching people, when you look for yourself in others. Particularly for someone who is a bit shy. You have an excuse to expose yourself to, and position yourself in, situations you would otherwise never have experienced. Sometimes the encounter only lasts for a few seconds and I nod a brief thank you. It can vary from people who unbeknownst to themselves end up in a photograph to the beginning of long-lasting friendships.”

Bogren’s poetic and delicate photography sprung from a powerful desire to brave new horizons. He is one  of Sweden’s most respected and awarded photographers. Currently Bogren lives in Malmö, Sweden.