Mitra Tabrizian


Tabrizian is an award-winning artist and filmmaker. Her photographic work has been exhibited and published widely and is represented in major international collections. Solo shows include Tate Britain (2008) and the Venice Biennale Iranian Pavilion (2015). She received the Royal Academy’s ‘Rose Award for Photography’ (2013). Her critically acclaimed debut feature Gholam was released in cinemas in UK in 2018, and her most recent work, the short film The Insider was commissioned to accompany Albert Camus’ The Outsider, adapted for the stage by the Booker Prize winner Ben Okri. Her new book off screen (Kerber Verlag) was released in October 2019.

With a surgically sharp and persistent approach, Tabrizian has been exploring the crisis of contemporary  corporate culture, both in her home country Iran and Britain – and questions around immigration. Tabrizian’s images look like set in an ordinary environment at the first glance, yet, her locations are charged with an unsettling placement of individuals who show detachment. Those large scale images create peculiar narratives that the audience has to engage with as to examine the border between reality and fiction. And by revealing too often unnoticed phenomena of contemporary living she challenges our established conceptions of the world.