Nick Veasey

British, 1962–present

Veasey creates all his work with x-rays. The works are a classic example of the fusion between science and art. Veasey’s work resides in eminent institutions and museums all over the world. He regularly exhibits on a global scale.

Having collected over 50 awards during his distinguished career, he is pre-eminent in his field. Despite the inherent dangers of radiation and the complex technical challenges regularly faced, Veasey and his small team of specialists at his studio have built a collection of beguiling x-ray art.

The media show a constant fascination with the process and its results. Nick has appeared on the BBC several times, the Today show in the US, The Discovery Channel and a host of other TV channels throughout the world. Print and digital media also support the work with features in many national newspapers of differing nations plus online heavyweights such as Huffington Post and Wired. He has made a TED talk, lectures regularly and has several published books.

Described by London’s Victoria & Albert museum as “forensic investigation as an art form”, Nick Veasey’s stunningly detailed x-rays reveal how his subjects are designed and made – whether by man or by nature.