Nygårds Karin Bengtsson

Swedish, 1972–present

Bengtsson has drawn attention for her paintinglike and staged photographs of human beings in austere, almost bare rooms and desolate landscapes. Staging as a method of working with photography is for her a means of making a moment more intense; to capture the experience of what has happened rather than the happening itself.

Her concern is life’s gradual transition from actuality to memory: Fragmentary stories, fictionalized histories and recreated memories. The characters in Bengtsson’s photographs do not belong to a given place, time or identity. Their stories remain untold until they meet the viewer’s perception of the image.

Bengtsson holds an MFA from Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland (2003). She has had numerous solo exhibitions, to mention a few: A Fool’s Day at Gallery Thomas Wallner (2016) and at Fotografiska (2015). She is represented at e.g. Malmö Art Museum and The National Public Art Council, Sweden.