Richard Mosse

Irish, 1980–present

Mosse’s documentation of war and landscape images are merged into unexpected and unfamiliar sceneries, where the conflicts are utterly real whilst the surreal ferocious pink color is disturbingly beautiful in the warscape, considering the victims within it.

Infra (2010-11), a series that depicts inhabitants and occurrences of conflicts in Eastern Congo, with pink-coloured landscapes instead of green, using Kodak Aerochrome, originally served as infrared surveillance film for aerial vegetation surveys and for military reconnaissance so as to identify camouflaged targets. Mosse’s version of the war zone is not the one the viewers are used to look at. Congo in its absurdity and frenzy, or other places he worked in such as Iran, Pakistan, Haiti, former Yugoslavia, among others, unfold their stories with other Dimensions. 

Mosse studied photography at Yale School of Art in 2008 and holds a degree in literature and cultural studies. He is the recipient of the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize in 2014 for the series Infra. His other bodies of work include the projects Incoming, Heat Map and Ultra.