Tina Signedottir Hult

Norwegian, 1982–present

Fragility as well as the strength of the people Signedottir Hult photographs bear an unsettling mystical air and stir up the viewers’ curiosity in the underlying stories that every person posing before her camera seems to carry. The first layer of sombre and grave ambience gradually forms a magnetic revelation of painterly portraits with a balanced composition and expression.

A self-taught photographer, Hult works methodically and consequently in natural light, often developing a strong bond to her models whose emotional state is confined in sincerity, as seen in the series of Lina, with whom Hult has been working together creating a new series every year since 2012.

Hult has been the recipient of numerous awards including Hasselblad Master 2018 in the category of portrait and Sony World Photography National Award in 2015 and 2018, as well as shortlisted in the open category of Sony World Photography Award.