Amélie Schneider

Director of Photography at DIE ZEIT

Amélie Schneider is the Director of Photography at Germany’s biggest weekly newspaper–DIE ZEIT, joining the art department in 2019. DIE ZEIT publications have received several awards: Pictures of the Year International Award (POY) in 2023, Leica Oskar Barnack Newcomer Award (LOBA) in 2022, World´s best designed newspaper (SND) in 2022, Monocle Design Award in 2022 and the European Newspaper Award (ENA) in 2021. During the last fifteen years, she has worked at various magazines, among them GEO and NEON–the cult publication which helped shape the voice of contemporary photography on the German print market. Schneider holds a BFA in Visual Communication from ABKM Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts, The Netherlands, and is a jury member of Gute Aussichten–junge deutsche fotografie. Amélie Schneider lives and works in Hamburg.