Carlota Guerrero 

Spain, b. 1989 

Carlota Guerrero has become one of the zeitgeist’s most sought-after creators thanks to her takes on femininity and body autonomy. Self-taught, Guerrero first started taking photographs as a young teenager. She is known for work that combines photography and filmmaking with her own art direction and choreography. Hers is a sidereal trajectory that has much to do with the spirit of the times and her vision of women as goddesses: pagans, friends to their sisters, ones who do not attest to the industry’s canons of beauty—conjuring the classic, the innocent, and the irreverent. Her unique blend of feminist approach, puristic and natural aesthetics, and performance art is both subversive and ethereal. After gaining public attention with her work on Solange’s album A Seat at the Table, she has collaborated with numerous fashion brands and artists. She continuously contributes to international print publications and has published her first monographic book Tengo un dragón dentro del corazón in 2021.