Dorothée Nilsson

Owner and Managing Director at Dorothée Nilsson Gallery

Dorothée Nilsson, born and raised in Sweden, studied both economics and art history at Ruprecht Karls University in Heidelberg. Starting within an investment banking sector, she made the transition to arts and culture in the late 1990s. From assisting the internationally renowned artist Ann Wolff to being the Gallery Director and subsequently partner of the Grundemark Nilsson Gallery, Berlin, Nilsson gathered expertise to run her own gallery– Dorothée Nilsson Gallery (open since 2017). While the represented artists of the gallery express themselves through a wide range of mediums, their work often incorporates and expands on photography–pushing the boundaries and experimenting with images. Societal issues play a core role in their work and are explored through a critical, aesthetic, or poetic lens. Dorothée Nilsson Gallery presents a dynamic exhibition program while nurturing long-term collaborations and relationships with the artists.