SEP 14, 2023 - JAN 21, 2024


NUDE is a Fotografiska international show featuring the works of 30 female-identifying artists from 20 different countries challenging traditional constructs around body politics. Through a diverse range of creative approaches, the artists explore the complexities surrounding the portrayal of nudity in art – and challenging the historical constraints attached to it. 


This exhibition features explicit nudity and sexually charged imagery. We advise that children and minors visit under parental supervision.

About the exhibition

NUDE addresses the centuries-long fascination with the naked body and explores the balance between “the nude” as an idealized form versus an honest, natural, and personal artistic expression. The nude body as a conduit to explore the intersection of gender, race, and culture.

In this exhibition of over 200 works, the viewer receives a comprehensive global view of what the body means, how it is used, and what it tells us about modern society. It is an attempt to redefine boundaries of representation, sparking a revolution that celebrates diversity, challenges conventional norms, and empowers both the artist and the audience.

Curator: Johan Vikner and Thomas Schäfer
Exhibition’s manager: Thomas Schäfer

Sum of Its Parts, 2019, from the collection aRhyme or Reasona © Brooke DiDonato.