Thomas Schäfer

Exhibitions Manager at Fotografiska Berlin

Thomas Schäfer is the Exhibitions Manager of Fotografiska Berlinw. Raised in Sao Paulo (Brasil) and Mainz (Germany), he originally studyed architecture. Changing focus, Schäfer ultimately completed his Bachelor in Fine Arts in 2014 at the Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule and has since participated in several international shows. Schäfer had the opportunity to observe different social and familial environments within distinct communities. Since moving back to Germany, he has tried to assess his memories and his past within his images. His work includes hyper-realistic staged environments that play on the essence of fragmented childhood evocations and provide the narrative framework to moments of interpersonal relationship. What seem like irrelevant and forgettable moments take on importance with poignancy. Schäfer has lived and worked in South America, Europe, South East Asia, Western Africa and North America.