Zohra Opoku

Germany, b. 1976 

With her background in fashion and photography, Zohra Opoku’s artistic practice weaves together personal, historical, and cultural subject matter. Opoku moved from Germany to Accra in 2011, following her desire to further connect with her African roots. The move prompted her to consider traditional Ghanaian textiles and dress codes, including the Kente cloth, which has been an integral part of the country’s identity and industry throughout its complex history, positioning her work amidst a larger socio-political framework. Opoku has printed her photography directly onto textiles, using screen printing, cyanotype, and the silver printing process. Opoku describes the symbolism of this process: “The material absorbs the photographic image, demonstrating how, in society, material can literally become imbued with meaning, memories, and histories over time.” Her intimate explorations were exhibited internationally at the Nubuke Foundation, Centre for Contemporary Art, !Kauru Contemporary Art from Africa, Kunsthaus Hamburg, Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, and more.