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“Infamous” at Fotografiska

Infamous, a solo exhibition by renowned artist Andres Serrano on view at Fotografiska, is a visual exploration of the history of racism in the U.S. via 30 photographs of racist artifacts, including race-based and racist memorabilia.

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Andres Serrano: Infamous

The provocative artist, Andres Serrano, currently has a solo show at Fotografiska (NY), titled “Infamous.” From the press release, the exhibition “is a visual exploration of the long history of deeply-rooted racism in the United States.” In the past year, with Black Lives Matter, this show becomes particularly relevant with its reflection on what it took to bring the US to this point in time.

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Andres Serrano Infamous

Infamous is a visual exploration of the long history of deeply rooted racism in the United States. Throughout his illustrious career, Andres Serrano has directly confronted the zeitgeist with provocative works. In this exhibition of over 30 photographs of racist artifacts, he continues to hold a mirror to the nation’s recent, dark past.


Steffon Isaac

Steffon Isaac is an advertising executive who recognized the need to create opportunities for diversity, equity, and inclusion within his organization and beyond. He founded The CLU Studio, an experimental design studio that uses games, structured play, and immersive storytelling to deepen the quality of conversation around unconscious bias and privilege.

A Founding Friend of Fotografiska New York, he joined prior to the museum opening and continues to find inspiration within the Fotografiska community.