Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our Commitments

Image Courtesy: Chris Facey

As we look to welcome you back through our doors, and in follow-up to our statement of support for the Black Lives Matter movement, here’s how Fotografiska is showing up and what you can expect to see and experience at reopening.

1. An inclusive cultural home: We have begun hosting diversity, equity, and inclusion workshops for our leadership team to ensure we are creating a space that is welcoming for all. These trainings will be on-going for the entire museum team as we reopen, and continue to shape and build our company culture. Additionally, we will be partnering with various nonprofits to offer free admission and equitable access to arts and culture. 

2. Diversity on our exhibition walls: We are proud of the incredible and diverse photography and photographers we exhibit, and our Summer and Fall schedules are reflective of this commitment. We select artists based on the quality of their work and strength of their vision and message. As part of this mission, we will continue to show a range of artists from different backgrounds, present work which addresses a variety of experiences, and shines light on underrepresented communities. 

3. Equity in our store: We are joining the 15% Pledge and will commit upwards of 15% of our retail shelf space to Black-owned businesses. At least 25% of all in-store events will also be dedicated to feature POC-owned brands and products, including in-store pop-ups and holiday events.

4. Representation on our stage: In reflection of the cultural make-up of New York City, we will commit at least 60% of our programming schedule to feature artists and performers who identify as Black, Indigenous, or a person of color. Programs will include artist talks, panel discussions, performances, and other events across a variety of mediums, and will continue once city and state guidelines allow for events to resume.

5. Public support and amplification of marginalized voices: We are united with our Black colleagues, photographers, and neighbors in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. We will continue to express our solidarity publicly, and it’s important to us to hand over the mic to Black, Indigenous, and all voices of color to be heard across our platforms including Exhibitions, Programming, Membership, Retail Experience, and Social Media. 

The actions mentioned above are just the beginning of our ongoing commitment to be a more inclusive space. We are continuing to build on additional initiatives and will share updates on them in the coming months. We welcome your thoughts, ask that you hold us accountable, and promise you continued transparency as we evolve our practices so they more deeply align with our mission. 

See you at Fotografiska soon.