Wednesday, June 7th

PRIDE: DJ Mixing 101

A Masterclass in DJ Technique with Justin Cudmore

About the Event

NYSocialbee presents a masterclass in DJ technique with Justin Cudmore.

Ever wondered how your favorite DJs curate their sets? We invite you to an exclusive event where the maestro themself will reveal the artistry behind track selection, captivating storytelling, and the magic of seamless mixing. You’ll discover the secrets behind crafting the perfect playlist, blending genres effortlessly, and creating an unforgettable atmosphere. Stick around until the end for a Q&A session with our DJ, where you can pick their brain and gain deeper insights into the creative process.

Justin Cudmore is a Brooklyn based producer, DJ, creator of the Balance party series at BASEMENT in New York, and releases music as Majorettes with The Carry Nation.

A Midwest-born and raised DJ, Justin has played at queer parties such as Wrecked, The Carry Nation, Horse Meat Disco, Honcho, and Club Toilet, and has gained a following all over the world with appearances at clubs like Smartbar Chicago, Panorama Bar, Is Burning Amsterdam, Razzmatazz Barcelona, DC10 and Lux Fragil. His bold, acid-flecked distillation of house and techno has found a home on the labels that are helping to shape the current landscape of transgressive body music, including The Bunker New York, Detroit’s Interdimensional Transmissions, and Honey Soundsystem Records.

Justin’s sound is defined by snaking acid lines, whip smart drums and offbeat rave melodies that have resonated with DJs and dancers from Detroit to Berlin. He has been featured in mixes for series such as Beats In Space, Truants, MixMag, Phantasy and The Bunker New York’s long-running podcast.


General Admission Tickets: $40
Member Tickets: $20
Patron Members: $15



Wednesday, June 7th
7:00 PM | Doors
7:30 PM | Event Start

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