Julie Blackmon

Fever Dreams

About Julie Blackmon

Julie Blackmon creates compelling images inspired by her experience of growing up in her hometown in Missouri with the chaos of big families and her role as a mother and photographer.

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“I suppose I could make a work where the sun is shining, the mom is lying out in the grass, the kids are happy, and everything is perfect, but that wouldn’t interest me—and it wouldn’t be truthful. My aim is to create a more nuanced, subtly humorous and satirical portrait of the way we live today.”

–Julie Blackmon

Making of Julie Blackmon's Fake Weather

Get a rare glimpse into the making of Julie Blackmon’s Homegrown series. In this video, Blackmon details the story behind Fake Weather, a playfully staged scene inspired by the hotter than normal winter in her hometown of Springfield, Missouri during the time when the term “fake news” found its way into the mainstream.

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