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Noémie Goudal


07 September — 18 November, 2018

Layer by layer, Noémie Goudal constructs photographs which convert the viewer into the transfixed co-creator of an intimate private universe, a universe which Goudal is now generously sharing.


In Ren Hang’s photography, these two universes are combined into a surrealistic reality through a sensual dance.

"Curiosity has always been a strong driving force for me, and my creations require me to push myself to achieve something for every separate layer. I love discovering and understanding new things before even considering the actual construction and implementation, which my team works on. Preparing a photography session is like planning an adventure or a small film shoot, and all the organisational requirements this entails gives my life balance." – explains Noemi Goudal.

Hej, New York! Excited to
see you soon...

Fotografiska New York opens this Winter.
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