Noémie Goudal


September 7 - November 18, 2018

Layer by layer, Noémie Goudal constructs photographs which convert the viewer into the transfixed co-creator of an intimate private universe, a universe which Goudal is now generously sharing. The exhibition Stations shows results born from thorough research and meticulous planning, punctuated by intuitive impulses and playing out on rugged terrain.

The creative process has always come naturally to Goudal (b. 1984). Her work starts with a singularly personal layering technique using a spectrum of perspectives. Then, the French artist uses photography, sculpture, installation and film to build up her narratives, both figuratively and literally. These narratives are created to challenge you, to interpret and respond.

Goudal’s creative process is long, beginning in earnest with detailed research as she pores over library books, interviews experts, mines the internet for information and travels to far-flung places to capture arresting images that awaken her interest. Only thereafter can she begin to plan the photography which will bring the final piece to life.