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Paul Nicklen and Cristina Mittermeier

SeaLegacy / Turning the Tide


Using dramatic and awe-inspiring footage, SeaLegacy captures the current situation in our oceans and they share it worldwide.


With world-class media, SeaLegacy captures endangered oceanic habitats and wildlife, and shines a spotlight on facts that do not usually get our attention: Our oceans, and therefore the world as we know it, are at the limits of their resilience. SeaLegacy documdents the often unseen beauty of these oceans, the dangers they face, and how they could flourish if aided by sustainable solutions.

"We depend on healthy oceans to survive. In order to save the oceans we need to team up and act – and to act we need to be inspired and hopeful for positive change. Sea Legacy’s images have the ability to evoke emotions, and with emotional images effective campaigns can be realised. The title of the exhibition is a call to arms – a rally for all us to work together to turn the tide." – Johan Vikner, utställningschef Fotografiska

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