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Fotografiska For Life/Jörgen Hildebrandt

Smile – and the rest will follow

22 November, 2018 — 03 February, 2019

Face the world with a smile and it smiles back at you. Smile and the rest will follow…


November 22th will see the opening of the Fotografiska For Life exhibition Smile – and the rest will follow in partnership with Operation Smile, wherein photographer Jörgen Hildebrandt has documented the organization’s work in three countries on three continents in the space of a year. Through his images from Ghana, Mexico and the Philippines, we get to follow nine children and adults before, during and after their operations, which give them new lives overnight. The operations are performed by unpaid volunteers.

An astonishing journey that completely changes these individuals’ opportunities to enjoy dignity, community and happiness – and one totally dependent on donations and humanitarian efforts.

"For me personally, it's been incredibly interesting to see how the stigma varies between cultures, but yet how these people suffer similar fates. You can see the pride and dignity in their faces afterward, something they simply couldn't express before. A person's face is so important in determining how they're defined by others, and a simple smile can change so much in the communication between people." – Johan Vikner, Exhibition Manager Fotografiska Stockholm.

Hej, New York! Excited to
see you soon...

Fotografiska New York opens this Winter.
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