Tom of Finland The Darkroom

Tom of Finland

The Darkroom

Apr 30 - Aug 20, 2021

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of his birth, Fotografiska in collaboration with Tom of Finland Foundation produced The Darkroom, an exciting study in artist Tom of Finland’s (born Touko Laaksonen, 1920 – 1991) life and work process. The exhibition, curated by Berndt Arell, travels from Stockholm to New York in time for Tom of Finland’s 101st birthday. The exhibition consists of photographic portraits which served as reference images for his famed homoerotic drawings. These photographs were confined to Tom of Finland’s home studio and darkroom, displaying them elsewhere would have risked a prison sentence, as homosexuality was criminalized and classified as a mental disorder in his native Finland at the time of this work. Even after a century of Tom of Finland’s birth, there are forces today trying to relegate homosexual desire into dark closets.


Photo: Tom of Finland, Aarno, 1976, Silver Gelatin Print, Tom of Finland Foundation Permanent Collection © 1976-2021 Tom of Finland Foundation


Jun 16, 2021

FILM SCREENING – Daddy And The Muscle Academy

Tom of Finland is one of the major icons of the gay world. This ground-breaking film combines interviews with Tom and his leather men acolytes with hundreds of his original drawings and steamy fantasy scenes inspired by his work. See it on the Big Screen!
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Apr 29, 2021

MEMBER PREVIEW – Tom of Finland: The Darkroom

We invite our members to a special preview of The Darkroom, an exciting study in artist Tom of Finland’s life and work process.
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