January 27th - April 29th

Elizaveta Porodina


In Elizaveta Porodina’s exhibition Un/Masked, we are invited to gaze into the spheres of her artistry and image creation. With her experimental, dreamlike and occasionally surreal photography, she calls us to merge the past and the contemporary –- a journey through time and space.

(Un)Masked, Munich, 2020 © Elizaveta Porodina


Un/Masked reflects the past few years of Elizaveta’s life and work. Her imagery is surreal, dreamy and intimate, on occasion frightening, haunting and delicate. Tears and water are recurring themes in her images and she draws inspiration from her childhood in Russia, art, history, film and religion. Combining the intimate and the uncanny, Elizaveta pursues her subject matter with startling precision, achieving an intensity and freshness.

I grant my audience a window into my subconscious with my work. I ask them to twist and play with their understanding of reality and to enter another dimension with me through my choice of casting, lighting, and set design.

- Elizaveta Porodina


Born in Moscow in 1987, Elizaveta Porodina grew up in post-Soviet Russia but has been based in Munich, Germany since the age of 12. Coming from a theoretical background in clinical psychology, Porodina speaks with a distinctive photographic language—mastering color, movement, and emotion.  

Sought after for her personal style and creative visual language, major fashion houses are competing to hire her for some of their most coveted global campaigns. She works natively with new techniques and social platforms and has constantly acquired new ways of expressing her ideas photographically. Collaborating closely with her modelsor muses, as she calls themshe describes the moment the picture is taken as an exchange, almost like a magic ritual. 

Vivien Solari on the First Day, London 2021 © Elizaveta Porodina
Hannah Crying, Paris, 2022 © Elizaveta Porodina