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Our Opening Exhibitions

Fotografiska New York Announces Inaugural Exhibition Schedule Featuring:

 Ellen von Unwerth

Tawny Chatmon

 Helene Schmitz

Adi Nes 

Fotografiska For Life will Debut Exhibition in Partnership with TIME Featuring Anastasia Taylor-Lind

Fotografiska is neither museum nor gallery. We pride ourselves in showcasing a diverse range of artists, perspectives, and photographic mediums.  Rising stars are displayed next to icons. Styles range across abstract, landscape, portrait, documentary and more. All that matters is the communicative power of the image.

At our core, we are inspiring a more conscious world though the power of photography. The spirit of Fotografiska exhibitions embodies our values of relevance, inclusion, sustainability, innovation, and inspiration. Through these pillars, we challenge our viewer to look beyond the photo.

Food & Drink

One of the featured experiences at Fotografiska New York will be the beautiful and unique restaurant and bar concept. The space will be designed by Roman and Williams and operated by a best in class hospitality group. We look forward to sharing more details and hosting you in our dining room soon. 

Hej, New York! Excited to
see you soon...

Fotografiska New York opens this Winter.
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