We’ve put together answers to the most frequent questions we’re asked about Fotografiska. Take a look below. If we haven’t answered your question, please email us at hello.ny@fotografiska.com.


Fotografiska was founded by two brothers, Jan and Per Broman, who grew up surrounded by photography. As sons of a darkroom manager for a newspaper, they learned to create and develop images in their father’s darkroom at a very young age. This sparked their life-long passion for the process of making images - from idea to eye to shutter to perfect print.

Jan and Per Broman explain, “We had been working with fairs and smaller exhibitions when we decided to put all our faith and money and what little prestige we had into a giant exhibition in a conference hall outside Stockholm. A few months later, the walls of the hall were full of the most colorful photography you can imagine. People from all over Stockholm traveled to the awkward address, and the newspapers were reporting that the event was the talk of the town. From that moment we were sure that would work on a larger scale, and we started to plan a permanent space for photography - a museum that would be owned without any governmental support.”

The concept of Fotografiska was received with wide acclaim, and after operating successfully for eight years, Jan and Per Broman are taking the concept global - first opening in Tallinn, Estonia in June 2019 and now in New York City.
Our Exhibitions are selected by an international committee, composed of a representative from each Fotografiska location, in addition to our Founders.
While Fotografiska does not sell work that is shown at the Museum, we do work closely with galleries in New York and around the world. We are happy to put you in touch with the appropriate person.
At this time, we cannot accommodate luggage. Keep checking back with us, as this may change in the future.
Yes, please contact us at Special.eventsnyc@starr-restaurant.com and provide some background information with dates, the size of your group, and if your event requires food and beverage. We provide all catering in house, though the award-winning STARR Restaurants.


While we do show all kinds of art — which may include nudity or provocative images — Fotografiska is, at its core, inclusive of and accessible by all audiences.
The Museum is wheelchair accessible. We also have wheelchairs on-site that can be used during your visit. These are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
Yes, registered service animals are allowed in the Museum.


We are growing! Please visit our LinkedIn page to view open positions.
Please reach out to partner.ny@fotografiska.com to find out more about our partnership opportunities.
Email us at infony@fotografiska.com with your proposal. Our team will be in touch if there is a possible fit for an Exhibitions or Programming opportunity.