May 7 - Oct 17, 2021

Miles Aldridge

Virgin Mary. Supermarkets. Popcorn.
Photographs 1999 to 2020

Introducing Virgin Mary. Supermarkets. Popcorn. Photographs 1999 to 2020, a photographic exhibition by British artist and photographer Miles Aldridge.  The exhibition will be Aldridge’s largest US retrospective yet, with more than 50 works shot entirely on film spanning the artist’s career. The show is a best-of from Miles’ oeuvre, drawing from his series of cinematically inspired tableaus as well as an incredible array of portraiture, featuring popular celebrity figures such as Sophie Turner, Viola Davis, Michael Fassbender, and Donatella Versace.


Aldridge rose to prominence in the mid-nineties with his highly stylized color photographs and references to film noir, art history and pop culture. An acclaimed colorist, Aldridge renders elaborate mise-en-scènes in a palette of vibrant acidic hues. These glamorous, frequently eroticized images probe society’s idealized notions of domestic bliss where sinister undercurrents swirl beneath a flawless surface. Aldridge has worked prolifically for more than twenty-five years, and today he remains one of the few photographers still shooting predominantly on film. His creative output encompasses large-scale c-type prints, Polaroids, screenprints, photogravures and drawings.

Virgin Mary. Supermarkets. Popcorn. Photographs 1999 to 2020 is curated by Nadine Barth, barthouse Berlin, and Johan Vikner, Fotografiska, and is coordinated by María Sprowls, Fotografiska New York. The exhibition has been made in close collaboration with the artist and his galleries: Fahey Klein Gallery, Los Angeles, Lyndsey Ingram Gallery, London, Christophe Guye Gallerie, Zurich, Reflex Gallery, Amsterdam, and Casterline Goodman Gallery, Aspen.

Everything has become identical in a way. My work comes from my imagination and I believe my view on the world is far more ‘real’ than the world outside. This is my reality.

Miles Aldridge