Apr 2 - Sep 3, 2021

Pixy Liao

Your Gaze Belongs to Me

Pixy Liao is exemplary of a new generation of photographic artists experimenting with the possibilities of portraiture in depicting modern partnership. Her works emerge from personal experiences and her own intimate spaces, challenging conventional socio-cultural ideas of gender constructions and questions of nationality in a globalized world.

Your Gaze Belongs to Me is part of an ongoing, long-term project called Experimental Relationship. The project began when Liao, a Shanghai native, met a Japanese musician in 2006 while studying at university in Tennessee. This first museum solo exhibition of Pixy Liao’s work is arranged thematically, and includes more than 50 works from two series, Experimental Relationship, and the outgrowth series For Your Eyes Only, as well as individual video and sculptural works that Liao is showing together for the first time.

In her photographs, shot with cinematic warmth and a somewhat laid-back, “vintage aesthetic,” Liao often portrays herself in a dominant role, while her boyfriend assumes positions of submission. These subtle stagings intelligently reverse “expected” gender roles.

Your Gaze Belongs to Me is curated by Holly Roussell in collaboration with Jessica Jarl, Fotografiska and the artist, and is coordinated by Grace Noh, Fotografiska New York.

Heterosexual relationships do not need to be standardized. The purpose of this experiment is to break the inherent relationship model and reach a new equilibrium.

Pixy Lao