Disrupting Fatherhood Part I:
A Movement Toward Gender Equity

There’s no better time to talk about fatherhood than now–when, as Ariel Soto-Suver explains, “most fathers in this country became stay at home dads.” As greater numbers of fathers choose child-raising roles, masculinity is being redefined, and some argue, a new equality is being forged. Married photography team, Ariel and Sam Soto-Suver, challenge conceptions of gender around fatherhood on a personal and social level in their installation, Disrupting Fatherhood: A Movement Toward Gender Equity. The installation was presented by Fotografiska New York from February 27, 2020 through March 9, 2020.

The seed originated from Sam’s own experience as a new dad. He felt gratitude for being able to participate in the lives of his children, but also a discordant sense of isolation, realizing how few dads choose to be primary caregivers. What originally stemmed from a personal quest to understand what it means to be a father at its most existential level, broadened into an investigation of the experiences and challenges that other fathers face, especially in the broader movement for gender equality.

Listen to the panel discussion with photographers Ariel and Sam Soto-Suver, along with Lance Somerfeld, Founder of City Dads Group and Anne Meadows Visuals Editor at Fatherly, addressing politics and power of the home from a previously recorded event on March 7, 2020 at Fotografiska New York.

Watch Ariel and Sam’s video sharing a tour of the Disrupting Fatherhood installation at Fotografiska New York.

Click on the photos below to view more photography from Ariel and Sam’s installation.

The format of the exhibition reflects the photographers’ process of inquiry, depicting images and stories of the photographers’ family, and also bearing witness to other fathers.