Disrupting Fatherhood Part II:
Living Through The Pandemic

Shortly after debuting “Disrupting Fatherhood Part I: A Movement Toward Gender Equity” at Fotografiska New York, Ariel and Sam returned to the Bay Area. Within three days, along with the rest of the world, their “normal” way of life was quickly altered due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

What was once a targeted photography exploration on gender equity and the role of fatherhood in the home, suddenly became very relevant to a whole nation of fathers who transitioned into stay-at-home dads overnight.

In “Part II. Disrupting Fatherhood,” Ariel and Sam explore fatherhood’s expanded roles living in isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ariel and Sam report live from their home, providing both visual and audio updates while navigating expanded roles of stay-at-home fathers who now must be the provider, teacher, caregiver, and more.

Listen to Ariel and Sam share current challenges and opportunities they face during isolation, and lessons they are teaching and learning from their children in isolation by clicking play on the audio bar below.

Diversity of Dad’s Sheltering Gallery

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Sam’s Experiences

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