Picturing the Fight

The beauty, vulnerability and strength of those who speak truth to power

Photographers Kisha Bari and Ginny Suss are joined by Fotografiska’s Director of Programming Wendi Weinman for a two-part conversation in support of ROAR, an installation that captures the individual and collective voice and the importance of protest moments in history. ROAR: A Celebration of Protest Moments is on view from March 11, 2020 through September 20, 2020.

Bari and Suss first met at the office of activist and actor, Harry Belafonte, while organizing the Women’s March in 2016. They discovered a shared passion for fighting for justice and underserved communities through the power of their photography. They’ve been in the fight together ever since.

Picturing the Fight Part I

In Picturing the Fight Part I., Bari and Suss share the stories behind some of their most moving images from the front lines of organized protests to on-location at the sites of underrepresented communities and movements, such as the Black Lives Matter movement, Immigrants, and Women’s rights.  Bari and Suss talk about their passion for activism and how it impacts their work as professional photographers, the art direction to create solidarity through the use of costume, props and choreography, and their style to humanize protests and human rights issues through their individual storytelling.

Bari and Suss talk about some of the important causes they support in Picturing the Fight Part I. To learn more or get involved, visit the causes here:

Caravana Migrante’s Rosa’s GoFundMe
Life Camp
Families Belong Together
Resistance Revival Chorus

Picturing the Fight Part II

Photographers Bari and Suss share story updates from their photography featured in Picturing the Fight Part I., give us a glimpse into their unique photography techniques from the front lines, discuss opportunities and challenges photographing protests during COVID-19 pandemic, and answer questions from the audience.