ROAR: A Celebration of Protest Moments

Protesting at this moment is an imperative response to police brutality and racism. Across America, and throughout New York City, people have come together in record-breaking numbers, outspoken and persistent, to convey the urgent need for change. 

History shows that when people come together to express their collective frustrations and demand to be heard, change happens. Sparked by love, anger, compassion, and a fierce yearning for equality, protest can serve as a positive catalyst in our society.

Photographers Kisha Bari, Tish Lampert, and Ginny Suss have dedicated their work to uplifting the people at the front lines of critical social uprisings, spotlighting everyday heroes, and risking their own safety to make sure that these moments are remembered.  A selection of Bari, Lampert, and Suss’ photography are on view in ROAR: A Celebration of Protest Moments from March 11, 2020 through September 20, 2020.

Click the images to explore a selection of images from the ROAR: A Celebration of Protest Moments.

Tish Lampert

Tish Lampert focuses her lens on human rights issues. See a selection of Lampert’s photography from ROAR at Fotografiska New York and watch a video based on the her photography of book, “We Protest: Fight For What We Believe.”

Photo Credit: Black Lives Matter Lie-In LA © Tish Lampert
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Kisha Bari

Kisha Bari is an award-winning photographer who is passionate about capturing people through portraiture and visual storytelling with a focus on civil rights and humanitarian issues. View a selection of Bari’s photography on view in ROAR at Fotografiska New York.

Photo Credit: A Funeral for Democracy © Kisha Bari
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Ginny Suss

Ginny Suss’ photography practice actively documents the multifarious and dynamic communities at the intersections of music, art and activism that she moves, loves, and works through. View a selection of Suss’ photography showing in ROAR at Fotografiska New York.

Photo Credit: Thank God For Abortion © Ginny Suss
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Picturing the Fight- The beauty, vulnerability and strength of those who speak truth to power

Watch photographers Kisha Bari and Ginny Suss with moderator, Fotografiska New York’s Director of Programming Wendi Weinman, in a two-part conversation supporting their installation ROAR, on view through September 7, 2020 at Fotografiska New York. Bari and Suss share stories behind their photography featured in ROAR, their unique photography techniques, opportunities and challenges photographing protests during the COVID-19 pandemic, and more.

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