Frank Horvat, British Vogue, Rosalind and children, Yorkshire UK, 1961
© Frank Horvat
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A Proud Legacy

Founded in 2008 we have built our business on the foundation of photography and the trust of the creative community. We showcase the greatest photographers, whether they’re just emerging artists, or already famous internationally.

Our exhibitions are developed directly with the artists, or curated around a central theme. Unlike traditional museums, it is not Fotografiska’s role to display its own collection. Instead we work with leading artists, galleries, estates, and private collections.

Since the opening of Fotografiska Stockholm in 2010, we are proud to have shown over 200 exhibitions from the world’s most interesting photographers. We do not buy art, and we do not sell it. We always make sure to offer a diverse selection with many exhibitions running simultaneously.

Exhibitions at Fotografiska Stockholm


Annie Leibovitz A Photographer’s Life 19902005
Lennart Nilsson A Child is Born
Vee Speers The Birthday Party
Joel-Peter Witkin Bodies
Anders Petersen From Back Home
Sandy Skoglund The Artificial Mirror
Pieter Ten Hoopen Stockholm
Group exhibition Fashion!
Lars Tunbjörk Wunder-Baum
Group exhibition Gallery exhibition
Anders Krisar Gallery exhibition
Hanna Ljungh How to Civilize a Waterfall
Gus Van Sant One Step Big Shot
Karolina Henke Gallery exhibition
Nils Petter Löfstedt The Pier
Christopher Makos Lady Warhol
Ronald Nameth The Exploding Plastic Inevitable
Sam Falls Gallery exhibition


Sarah Moon 12345
Nils Olof Hedenskog and Joakim Brolin Creeping in Circles
Jonathan Torgovnik Intended Consequences: Rwandan…
Albert Watson Albert Watson
Edward Burtynsky Burtynsky/OIL
Jacob Felländer I Want To Live Close To You
Jacqueline Hellmann Från Andra Sidan Längtan
Robert Mapplethorpe Robert Mapplethorpe
Eleanor Coppola Circle of Memory
Peter Farago and Ingela Klementz-Farago Northern Women in CHANEL
Liu Bolin The Invisible Man
Klara Källström Blackdrop Island
Martin Bogren Lowlands
Helen Levitt Urban Lyrics
Nick Brandt On This Earth, A Shadow Falls
Joanna Rytel The Seal
Johan Wik Untitled
Margaret M. de Lange Surrounded By No One
Aitor Ortiz AITOR ORTIZ 19952010
Jean-Marie Simon and Forum Syd (Fotografiska For Life) Guatemala: Eternal Spring, Eternal Tyranny
Doctors Without Borders/VII (Fotografiska For Life) Starved for Attention
FN (Fotografiska For Life) Untitled
Greenpeace (Fotografiska For Life)
Jimmy Hansen The Calendar


Anton Corbijn Inwards and Onwards
Ron Haviv Haiti
Mats Bäcker Gallery exhibition
Marcus Bleasdale Child Soldiers in The Lord’s Resistance Army
Steve Schapiro Untitled
André Kertész My France
Group exhibition Perspektiv (förskolebilder)
Helena Blomqvist Stories from Another World
David Hodge and Hi-Jin Hodge Spinning
Strindberg The Image of Strindberg
Ida Lindgren Clownmedicin
Julia Hetta Untitled
Sally Mann A Matter of Time
Group exhibition ePic Moments
Véronique Ducharme
Christer Strömholm CHR.
Ann-Sofi Rosenkvist The Crown
Maria Friberg In Flux
Kenneth Gustavsson The Magic Bar
Johan Willner Boy Stories
The Robert F Kennedy Center Speak Truth To Power
Barncancerfonden No title
David LaChapelle Burning Beauty
Frida Johansson (Young Corner exhibition)
Erik Johansson (Young Corner exhibition)
Viktor Johansson (Young Corner exhibition)
Johan Strindberg (Young Corner exhibition)
Saga Wendotte (Young Corner exhibition)


Ruud van Empel Pictures Don’t Lie
Henri Cartier-Bresson The Man, the Image & the World
Anna Clarén Close to Home
David Strindberg and Johan Bring Tartarus
Group exhibition Tidningen Vi
Helmut Newton Helmut Newton
Motohiko Odani Time Tomb
SPWK Award winner: Tereza Vlčková
Håkan Elofsson Indien/Indien
Marcus Bleasdale Farming out of Poverty
Pieter Hugo This Must Be The Place
Inta Ruka You and I
Paolo Roversi Secrets
Elliott Erwitt 100+1
Jill Greenberg Works 20012011
Group exhibition (Fotografiska For Life) Arab Spring (in collaboration with Dagens Nyheter)


Johan Rheborg Backstage
Corinne Mercadier Wicked Gravity
Pieter ten Hoopen Vittnesmål från Norra Kaukasus
David Magnusson Purity
Julia Fullerton-Batten Staged Reality
Peter Hoelstad & Joanna Ågren Mannen som hade allt
Robert Frank Photographs from the Collections of…
Roger Ballen Roger Ballen’s Theater of the Absurd
Stephanie Sinclair/Jessica Dimmock/VII Too Young To Wed
Sarah Moon The Red Thread
Lu Kowski Melancholia
Lisa Ross Living Shrines
Dana Sederowsky Selected Works 19982013
Sebastião Salgado Genesis
Isaac Julien Ten Thousand Waves
Anders Petersen Untitled (retrospective)
Joyce Tenneson Light Warriors
Group exhibition Höstsalongen 2014
Karolina Henke (Fotografiska Art Partner) Gallery exhibition
Herb Ritts In Full Light
Lisen Stibeck Daughters
Jimmy Nelson Before They Pass Away
Adi Nes Narratives


Ewa Stackelberg Fotogram
Andres Serrano Redemption
Martin Parr Souvenir
Group exhibition Årets Bild
Vee Speers Bulletproof
Johan Strindberg Young Nordic Photographer of the Year
Nick Brandt On This Earth, A Shadow Falls, Across the Ravaged Land
Anders Zorn Zorn och kameran
Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin Pretty Much Everything 2015
Nygårds Karin Bengtsson Untold Stories
Group exhibition Höstsalongen 2015
Martin Schoeller Up Close
Magnus Wennman (Fotografiska for Life) Where the Children Sleeps
Pieter ten Hoopen Hungry Horse
Thomas Wågström På Jorden
Guy Bourdin Avant-Garde


Maria Friberg Erna
The Walther Collection Time and Again: Photography from The Walther Collection
Erik Johansson Imagine: Created Reality
Monica Macdonald In Absence
Emma Svensson (Fotografiska For Life) Icons an exhibition about the right to exist
Bettina Rheims I’ll Be Your Mirror
Nick Brandt Inherit the Dust
Åke Ericson Non Grata
Aapo Huhta/Young Nordic Photographer of the Year Block
Hannah Modigh Hurricane Season
Bryan Adams Exposed
Private Collection of Lars Nordin Bilden av Garbo
Moustafa Jano Every Person Has Lost Something
Helene Schmitz Transitions
Anton Corbijn 1-2-3-4
Group exhibition Höstsalongen 2016
Group exhibition Finally It All Makes Sense Diesel Advertisements 19912001
Pieter Ten Hoopen/Hand in Hand (Fotografiska For Life) Spirit for Change
Martin Bogren Italy
Charlotte Gyllenhammar Natt / Night
Albert Wiking We Have A Dream
Jacob Felländer How To Unlock a Portal


Lennart Nilsson (in memory of) Selected pieces from A Child is Born
Ren Hang Human Love
Patrick Demarchelier Lumière
Cooper & Gorfer I Know Not These My Hands
Weegee EXTRA! Weegee
Group exhibition curated by Sophie Mörner Like a Horse
Akseli Valmunen/Young Nordic Photographer of the Year The Same New Pet
Tina Berning and Michelangelo Di Battista Confluence
Irving Penn Resonance
Viviane Sassen UMBRA
Paul Hansen Being There
Group exhibition Last Night in Sweden
Group exhibition Höstsalongen 2017
Ida Borg/Essity (Fotografiska For Life)
Åsa Sjöström Silent Land
Nick Veasey Inside Out
Chen Man Fearless & Fabulous


Sofia Ek The Minefield Girl
Zanele Muholi Somnyama Ngonyama, Hail the Dark Lioness
Ellen von Unwerth Devotion! 30 Years of Photographing Women
Christian Tagliavini The Extraordinary World of Christian Tagliavini
Anna Clarén (Fotografiska for Life) When Everything Changed
Hans Strand Manmade Land
Abbe Hassan Gold
Cathleen Naundorf Secret Times
Marie Hald/Young Nordic Photographer of the Year The New Me
Linda and Mary McCartney Mother Daughter
Evelyn Bencicova MERROR
Simen Johan Until The Kingdom Comes
Sea Legacy/Paul Nicklen and Cristina Mittermeier (Fotografiska for Life) Turning the Tide
Noémie Goudal Stations
Lars Tunbjörk Tunbjörklandet Med blicken från sidan
Essity/Paul Hansen/Åsa Sjöström (Fotografiska for Life) Hand to Hand
Group exhibition Fotografiska Talent 2018
Arvida Byström Inflated Fiction
Jörgen Hildebrandt (Fotografiska for Life) Smile and the rest will follow
Group exhibition STHLM Forever
Kirsty Mitchell Wonderland
Jonas Bendiksen The Last Testament


Anja Niemi In Character
Alison Jackson Truth is Dead
Jesper Waldersten All Over
Rahul Talukder Made in Bangladesh
Jessica Silversaga När du blundar svävar jag
Vincent Peters Light Within
Scarlett Hooft Graafland Vanishing Traces
Mandy Barker Sea of Artifacts
James Nachtwey Memoria
Refik Anadol Latent History
Sanna Sjöswärd/Raoul Wallenberg Academy Fading Stories Pass them on
Lu Yang Delusional Mandala
Christian Houge Residence of Impermanence
Saga Wendotte In Between Realities
Sebastião Salgado Gold
Jimmy Nelson Homage to Humanity

Exhibitions at Fotografiska New York


Ellen von Unwerth Devotion! 30 Years of Photographing Women
Helene Schmitz Thinking Like a Mountain
Adi Nes
FFL/Time/Anastasia Taylor-Lind
Lars Tunbjörk Askew

Exhibitions at Fotografiska Tallinn


Jimmy Nelson Homage to Humanity
Anja Niemi In Character
Pentti Sammallahti Distant Land
Anna-Stina Treumund Lilli, Reed, Frieda, Sabine, Eha, Malle, Alfred, Rein and Mari
Alison Jackson Truth is Dead
Kirsty Mitchell Wonderland
Mandy Barker Sea of Artifacts
James Nachtwey Memoria