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Fotografiska For Life

Fotografiska For Life is our platform for projects that aim to raise awareness about social issues, using photography as a medium to inspire action.

We show the work of the world’s foremost photographers and photojournalists in a context that generates public impact and inspires our audience to learn more about issues that are close to our heart. Seminars and talks with leading experts on the subjects that we highlight are integral parts of the projects and important forums for debate and change.

From the start, we have worked closely with established Human Rights organisations who have provided invaluable advice and experience from their particular fields of expertise; UNICEF, Save the Children, Human Rights Watch and Médecins Sans Frontières, to mention a few.

Fotografiska’s mission is to be a world leading meeting place with the best photography exhibitions at its heart, while fostering social and cultural interaction. Fotografiska uses its strong public presence and impact to be a catalyst for change. Today, Fotografiska has firmly established itself as an important forum for social debate.