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Academy Business

We help you to tailor-made courses or presentations for your company or organization. Academy Business can help you to:

Teach employees to take better photos in different areas
We have courses ranging from portrait photography for communication departments who need to create their own press images to technical basic courses for game developers who use photography as the basis for 3D rendered computer game environments.

Raise employees' visual skills
So that they are better at choosing, ordering and discussing images. Our experience is that the results are usually much better when a group attend such a course together than if each individual has different courses.

Creative workshops
For example, to raise the level of the company's instagram account - both in terms of the images themselves and how to work with the collaboration between image and text to create more engagement.

Each education assignment is unique, and we always assume specific needs. Courses can range from a few hours to a full day.

Inspirational lectures

In addition to the tailor-made courses, which aim at giving the participants a specific and highly practical skill, we also make inspiration lectures that focus on entertainment and team building, learning at an individual level. For example:

"Be a better photographer in 30 minutes" - Is our most popular inspirational lecture that we sometimes combine with a photo contest

"From abstract to concrete" - Is a lecture and workshop that handles value-based visual design.

Call Ida Ekdahl +46 (0)76-111 21 06 or email at for more information or booking.