Branko | March 16 | Stockholm

16 March 2019

The Connect Presents

BRANKO (Enchufada/Portugal)

João Barbosa AKA Branko, first became known on the International scene as the driving creative force in Buraka som Sistema, the worldwide phenomenon whose releases helped create a new attitude towards global sounds. Widely regarded as one of Portugal’s most groundbreaking dance music exports, the seminal collective was championed by the producer’s label Enchufada. Branko says that “Buraka Som Sistema represented the beginning of everything I do and stand for. It allowed me to be part of a group that was about more than just sitting in a studio putting kick drums and snares together on some computer software. Buraka Som Sistema became one of the voices of a generation that had a different perspective on what it meant to be from Lisbon and we took that vision around the world and brought a whole scene with us.” He adds that B.S.S taught him to “always be about celebrating my city and its diversity”.

His debut album as Branko, “Atlas”, was released in 2015- inspired by his travels around Cape Town, New York, Amsterdam and Sao Paulo- and featured collaborations with Princess Nokia and DJ Sliink. He has also produced music for artists like Santigold and Anik Khan, as well as M.I.A, with whom he worked on her 2016 album “AIM” and helped put her live show together. He now puts forward an intense series of collaborations with vocalists and musicians worldwide, including Brazilian Mallu Magalhães and Congolese- Canadian Pierre Kwenders & Colombian Catalina García, where “Nosso” sums up our modern musical world, where Modern Soul, Kuduro and more, come together to give us new forms beyond genre and niche. At the end of January 2019 Branko released the well-composed single “Hear From You”, a track that will appear on the upcoming album Nosso. “Hear From You” is co-produced by Sango, known for placements on albums from Tinasche and Bryson Tiller.

Branko could be seen as a kind of cultural agitator, active on many fronts besides being a recording and touring artist. From his early days in Buraka Som Sistema, to setting up a label that provides a platform for artists from around the world, to curating festival stages and compilations, to creating, producing and recording radio for his monthly residency on NTS radio – Branko is deeply involved in many facets of the creation and the ongoing establishment of new Portuguese music scenes. The power music has to unite is something Branko has experienced, and on “Nosso”, which means “Ours” in Portuguese, he’s made a conscious effort as the producer to make this record truly universal.



About The Connect

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