Museum of Photography

Opening hours

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Museum - Open today 09:00 ― 23:00

For us, inclusiveness is something we carry through everything. We want to contribute to a great experience for everybody. From warmly welcoming pushchairs, and of course having wheelchair ramps, to arranging appreciated guided tours. Photography requires no pre understanding, everyone can be touched by a photo, which is a large part of the inclusive charm and fascination. A guides’ engaging explanations can enrichen the visit even more and add further exciting dimensions.

  • A steep ramp for pushchairs is inbuilt in the stairs outside of our main entrance.
  • Along the longside by the water there is a wheelchair ramp.
  • Beside our two stairwells the elevator goes to all floors.
  • Accessible toilets equipped with changing tables are on floor -1 and by the café on floor 2.
  • Lockers you can find on floor -1.
  • On floor -1 are spots to park pushchairs. It’s also fine to take pushchairs through the exhibitions.
  • Car parking with a parking-fee is available both in front of the entrance and behind the building, although there are just a few spaces.
  • Unfortunately we have to draw a line at inclusiveness when it comes to dogs due to other guests being allergic.