Fotografiska Edition

Editions from current exhibitors

In combination with the exhibitions "Wonderland" by Kirsty Mitchell and "Truth is Dead" by Alison Jackson, Fotografiska is offering two limited editions which both represents each photographers brilliant individual styles.

Editions by Cristina Mittermeier & Paul Nicklen

Cristina Mittermeier and Paul Nicklen are acclaimed photographers, ocean conservationists, recognized speakers, and founders of SeaLegacy. People are lining up to see and buy their photographs worldwide. They are now exhibiting at Fotografiska, for the first time in Sweden, and we have the honor to exclusively offer Edition prints. Royalty fee goes to SeaLegacy.

Editions av Mehdi Sefrioui

Mehdi Sefrioui is a fantastic young fashion photographer from Morocco we recommend you to keep your eyes on.

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Fotografiska Edition is our collection of the most beautiful, unique and thought-provoking works of art we could find, designed to turn your home into a place of creative self-expression. 

Our Editions

What is an edition?

Fotografiska Edition is a selection of photographs from the Museum of Photography. We have chosen photographs to fall in love with - offering both Open, Limited and Exclusive editions of photography from the world’s finest artists. We want to establish photographic art as an essential part of interior design.

In order to secure an attractive portfolio, we make sure to continuously update our assortment.

High quality framing

Regardless of category, all prints are of same high quality in terms of printing technique and paper (c-print, lamda paper matt, framed with 2mm art glass).

Frame size indicated, represents inner dimensions of frame.

The interest in photography has grown tremendously in recent years

It’s an art form that evoke emotions, inspire ideas and gives your home a personal touch. We launched Fotografiska Edition in late 2016 with a vision to introduce high-quality photographic art to a wider audience.

The photographers we collaborate with are carefully selected to enable a wide range of, established, exhibited and emerging talents from all over the world. By establishing a close relationship with each of our artists, we want to support and help in their future development and success.


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