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Marie Hald

A new me

31 May — 02 September, 2018

The exhibition A New Me is a story about people who have all been diagnosed by their doctor as being morbidly obese. A story about the struggle for survival.


In the company of struggling people, the forces of nature pulsate between magnificent pink rocks that have been rounded by the ravages of time. The people are participants in one of Utah's many so-called "Fat Camp's" where new guests are constantly checking in for a few weeks, or up to half a year, of food and exercise programmes. Weight loss camps have become well known worldwide through the TV programme "Biggest Loser".

Marie Hald, the 2018 Young Nordic Photographer of the Year has, with respect and artistic flair, captured their battle to lose weight.

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"Marie Hald is so skilled that I consider it an honour, and the fact is I see her as a rewarding interlocutor, rather than it being a classic mentorship." – Paul Hansen



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