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Abbe Hassan


23 May — 27 June, 2018

Abbe Hassans short film Gold is about a young girl who in the midst of war-torn Syria finds a gold necklace. A find that triggers a chain of events with unexpected consequences.


War brings out the worst and the best in people. War doesn't make people generous, but brings out the generosity found in good people." Two sentences that can be said to sum up the experience which resulted in the short film Gold and its story about Amal, written and directed by Abbe Hassan. Amal and her sisters live in a bomb shelter in war-torn Syria. Food and water are scarce. One day, when Amal is outside playing, she finds a piece of gold. Other people immediately claim the gold as theirs.

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"Or our mother never let us children believe that there was no hope. Today she tells us that seeing us playing and smiling kept her alive and today I know that her hopefulness and acts of kindness towards others kept us alive." – Abbe Hassan



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